— CEO profiling —


The objective of our communications activities has been to showcase Annoushka Ducas, founder of her eponymous luxury jewellery brand, as the creative force behind the brand, and not simply a business woman who previously established and sold Links of London. We have achieved this in all areas of the media: business, luxury, lifestyle and trade.


In addition, our aim has been to establish Annoushka’s name among the key jewellery journalists and position her as a go-to commentator who has helped shape the British luxury jewellery industry.


We have carefully nurtured the brand’s high profile clientele to demonstrate the brand’s reach and popularity, thus positioning Annoushka as a trend leader at the very forefront of the UK luxury jewellery industry.


Besides securing positive profile pieces telling Annoushka’s story and how she came to be the founder of two highly successful luxury jewellery businesses, we have also leveraged the group’s financial success and used the regular product launches to capture the media’s attention.