— preparing for sale —


We have worked with Radley for the last four years – elevating its reputation as an iconic, British and highly popular accessories brand in the UK media.  This was undertaken after a period of corporate transition which required us to re-tell the story and introduce a new management team as well as manage the sale of the business from one private equity owner to another.  At the same time, the founder of the business retired and the company grew in international appeal; opening in a number of new markets, which increased the level of interest and scrutiny.


We targeted a strategic list of media including the leading UK retail trade publications and national business press, giving them different angles, news hooks and personalities, as well as strong trading figures and store openings to help add colour to their articles.  Trade titles were critical to the strategy as they so often set the agenda – especially in a deal process.


The new CEO and the out-going founder, both gave interviews and articulated their views on the opportunities and future of the business – where it was going and how it was going to get there.  These articles were high profile in nature, well received by management and integral to bringing interested parties into the frame during the sale.